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Precision systems

We tranform your needs into solutions

Microlys is your comprehensive partner for Innovation

Our unique approach to business centers around collaborating closely with our customers to create specialized components with advanced technology for special applications.

Pioneering solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of electromechanical technology, Microlys stands out as a leader, boasting over four decades of unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has earned us recognition across various sectors, such as biomedical applications, specialized impact printing, and the sorting solutions industry, among others.

Crafting components

In the exacting realm of biomedicine, precision and reliability are paramount. At Microlys, we have made significant strides by meticulously crafting components for cutting-edge medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and life-saving instruments.
From sealing equipment for healthcare industry to sophisticated diagnostic machines for medical application, our work empowers healthcare professionals worldwide.

Impact printing technology

Microlys revolutionizes industries with its impact printing technology, providing innovative solutions that demand clear, durable, and efficient printing processes.
Our cutting-edge printheads have brought transformative changes to sectors reliant on precision printing, including labels, packaging, ticketing, and documentation.
They guarantee unparalleled quality and durability, even in the most demanding environments.


We transform your needs into solutions

Our knoweldge

R&D Excellence for Uncompromising Quality


Our Research and Development (R&D) department embodies our unwavering dedication to quality.


Comprising a team of brilliant, experienced, and committed engineers, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our R&D unit maintains stringent quality standards


We consistently surpass industry benchmarks, guaranteeing the development and production of components of the utmost excellence.

Our service sets us apart from the rest


Our Customer Service & Support ensures our customers receive proper and effective maintenance and operational assistance for the products and services they have purchased


Our goal is to facilitate the optimization of performance throughout the entire product life cycle


Our commitment extends beyond the point of sale; we believe in cultivating lasting relationships by consistently exceeding your expectations.

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